Large scale embroidery, metal, variable dimensions

The textile work presents a fictional timeline of bionomics, from the first imprint humanity left its environment to the present day. The structure does not aim to function as a literal statistical outline, but as a commentary on an evolving (eco)system and its complex structures. The visual narrative can be read in both directions, contrasting the one way-linear evolution of history. However, as the structure is elevated the anthropogenic impacts become more evident. The forms embroidered on the fabric reference organic matter but also symbols and semiotics therefore commenting on the ways we are accustomed to connect meaning to images, manners of operation, modes of communication, learning, language, and art. Throughout history, textile art such as weaving, knitting and embroidery was to a means to reflect on the current social, political and economic state through the use of symbols and forms. Similarly, the textile work acts as a study on bionomics with regard to pressing issues on ecology. The structure of the installation is reminiscent of arthropods, particularly centipedes, which are among the earliest terrestrial animals.